• St Margaret School Library Policy


    The library is open to all SMS students in grades PreK – 8th.


    Prek comes to library two times a week for story time. They are able to browse the books while in the library but not allowed to check any out.


    Kindergarten comes to library once a week. They have time during library to browse and check-out one book. This book is borrowed for one week and must stay in their classroom to be used for ‘quiet reading time.’


    First Grade comes to library once a week. They are given the opportunity and responsibility to check out one book that they may take home. They may not check out another book until the first one comes back – one book at a time only.


    Second Grade – Fourth Grade comes to library once a week. They are able to check out two books at one time that may be taken home. Books may be borrowed for two weeks and renewals are available. Only two books allowed to be checked out at a time.


    Upper Grades are allowed to come to library during lunch time. They are allowed to check out two books at a time.  


    Policy Points:


    • Check out and renewal: Books can be checked out for a maximum of 4 weeks - unless there are other students requesting the book.  If there are other requests, a student is limited to two weeks.  
    • Responsibility: Children are responsible for the books they check out.  If the book is lost or damaged they must pay for a replacement.  
    • Consequences: Students with an overdue book of 4 or more weeks will not be able to check out any other books until overdue is returned. Reminders are sent home so the student has every chance to remember to return the their over due book(s).
    • Loss of Privileges: If a student repeatedly has overdue or lost books they will lose their book privileges for good. This is sad when it happens, but borrowing books from this library, or any library, requires responsibility. Please understand that libraries lend books for borrowing, we don’t give books away.